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Super Brain

Load your data from a variety of popular sources, including PDF, Word, Notion, Confluence, and even webpages.

Elevate your email responses, captivate with compelling content, and ask questions in your dataset.
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Looking to save hours on tedious writing tasks? Our smart AI assistant can help with everything from proposals and cover letters to blogs and creating social media posts

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is it different from other AI tools?

Runs locally and stores your data locally.

You use your own OpenAI keys, and you pay for what you use.

We don't store your data on our servers.

What are the file types I can load?

TXT, PDF, Image, PPTX, Markdown, and EML files.

Is Elephas privacy-friendly?

We respect your privacy and will not store or analyze your text content. But the content will be sent to OpenAI for processing. Please review their privacy policy for more information.

Why do I need an OpenAI account?

Elephas uses your own OpenAI key. This gives maximum flexibility to use the full potential of GPT-3/GPT-4. No more monthly credits or limitations. It only takes a few minutes to setup an OpenAI account.

Is there a free version?

You can use the Mac app for free with some usage limitations. One SuperBrain with up to 5 files allowed in the free version.

How much does it cost for OpenAI usage?

Depending on the usage and number of users, it will vary.