Personal GPT on your Mac

Your AI Powered Second Brain

100% privacy friendly!

Talk, brainstorm, create. And get the most out of your local documents. AI for your knowledge management.

Your AI powered second brain

Information to Insightin seconds!

Organise your knowledge based onprojects, subjects or topics.


Generate Ideas

Ask questions, brainstorm ideas and create content based on the stored information. Like your very own Personal GPT.

Easily Capture Information

Load data from various sources. Old PDFs, meeting notes, audio recordings, web articles. Add them all!


Distill the information and express it in your own voice, enhancing your ability to communicate effectively.

Put an end to thetiresome searches!

Easy pricingthat fits your needs

Best for Beginners
$9Per month
  • 1M indexing tokens
  • 2M chat tokens
  • Audio and Video file support
  • AutoSync files
  • iOS app (coming soon)
Best for Experts
$19Per month
  • 10M indexing tokens
  • 6M chat tokens
  • Audio and Video file support
  • AutoSync files
  • iOS app(coming soon)
Best for Power Users
$29Per month
  • 20M indexing tokens
  • 12M chat tokens
  • Audio and Video file support
  • AutoSync files
  • iOS app(coming soon)



20M Indexing Tokens

So you can index as many documents as you want - large and small.

1M indexing tokens = 50 books with 300 pages each.


12M Chat Tokens

So you can chat with your brains as much as you want. And you never have to worry about the bill.


Audio and Video indexing

Easily add transcripts, audio recordings, YouTube and Loom videos to your brains.

RedBill will transcribe and index any piece of audio or video you want.

auto sync

Auto Sync

Everything syncs automatically. So you never have to worry about dealing with outdated information. Your brains are always up to date


100% Privacy Friendly

So you never have to worry about indexing sensitive data. We never store your data on our servers. Read more about our privacy policy.

Open Source Models

Redbill works on top of open-source AI models. We don't have to share your information to train the models. You OWN your data, no one else.

Who is thisfor?



Perfect assistant for your case documents



Store and analyze academic papers with ease



Cross-reference your patient data and get diagnosis assistance



Save your swipe files, case studies, market research documents



Process complex documentation and protocols

Product manager

Product Managers

Analyze PRDs, generate user stories, understand tech specs

Frequently Asked Questions?

Absolutely. We take your privacy seriously. Redbill uses a combination of local storage & computation with transient backend. This means that your data is never stored on our servers. We don't have access to your information, and we don't store it. Your data is yours and yours alone.

Read more about our privacy policy.

A: Setting up Redbill is a breeze. We've designed the onboarding process to be user-friendly and intuitive. Even if you're not tech-savvy, you'll be up and running in minutes, creating your personal "super brain."

A: Yes, Redbill is built to enhance your existing setup. It seamlessly integrates with various note taking tools including Obsidian, Logseq, DevonThink, Noteplan ,Notion, UpNote, Bear,Quiver, Simplenote,, and more.

Regular files including - PDFs, Docs files, Audio, Video files, images, and web pages are supported as well. Whether you're using other productivity tools or cloud storage, Redbill fits right in, making your knowledge management even more efficient.

A: While free tools exist, Redbill goes beyond basic storage. It actively assists you in brainstorming, content creation, and information retrieval. Think of it as a personal GPT - tailored to your knowledge. The investment ensures a powerful, personalized experience that goes beyond simple file organization.

A: Not at all. We understand the value of simplicity. Redbill is designed for enthusiasts of all tech levels. Our user-friendly interface and comprehensive guides make the learning curve smooth. Your "super brain" will be up and running without any hassle.

A: Redbill is your solution to overwhelm and fragmentation. By creating a centralized hub for your knowledge, it not only stores information but actively assists in ideation and content creation. Users in similar situations have reported significant improvements in productivity and organization.

A: We're here for you. Our customer support team is ready to assist you with any queries or concerns. You can reach out via email, and we also provide comprehensive guides and tutorials to ensure you get the most out of Redbill.

Remember, Redbill is not just a tool; it's a companion on your knowledge journey, tailor-made for enthusiasts who value productivity, efficiency, and the joy of learning.